Just add YES…

Shaken, Not Stirred.

What is YES?

YES is a mindset and a mantra. YES is living “all in” and playing “all out”. YES is discovering who you really are and living to your full potential.

Maybe you are stuck? Stuck in a rut or deep in the trenches? Stuck with unhappiness, stuck with fear, stuck with ambiguity… wondering if there is more – to business, to relationships, to your life?! Maybe you don’t even realize how stuck you are because your feelings are suppressed – but you do know you aren’t living the life you are meant to live! If you are like me, you don’t want to find yourself repeating the “woulda, coulda, shoulda” refrain! You want to step into your life – embracing fear and uncertainty and taking the path to the best version of you!

I had been in that place of unhappiness, fear and what felt like total chaos and loss of control.  I’ve been an entrepreneur for 22+ years, owning and selling a successful publishing company. I’ve had a personal journey of divorce, a family member struggling with drug abuse and my own personal weight loss journey. But I had that a-ha moment of total clarity, the YES, I CAN moment, that changed everything.

So…. why are you suffering? What are you suppressing? Why are you waiting? Is it for the perfect moment, the perfect circumstance, the kids to be gone, the marriage to get better, the bank account to be bigger? When is it your time?  NOW!  Are you wondering HOW?

There are 4 core principles to living a YES life!

Be Big.  This is your BIG vision – in all areas of your life. The vision of you and where you want to go and who you want to be! It’s time to peel back the layers and discover who you are, what is holding you back and gain total clarity on your big YES life!

Be Bold. Once you understand your big vision, it is time to own it. And this means stepping out and being bold. It starts with you and your confidence, breaking past the barriers of fear and doubt. Being bold and owning your YES is uncomfortable. It requires courage, grit, tenacity, fortitude and moxie! But it’s how we step up, out and into our YES life!

Be Bright. It’s about resilience. Whatever the challenges you face or obstacles you encounter, it’s being able to come back and say YES, I CAN – no matter what! Who doesn’t face adversity? We all do! But only those who continue to move through it, around it and over it will succeed in living their YES!

Be You. It’s time to love and live your YES! It’s time to step up as only you can. It’s time to put yourself first so when you look back on your life you have fewer regrets. Because when you can really show up as exactly how you want to be, living your YES life, you will be filled to overflowing. And when you are full, you can easily give to others.

This is what claiming your YES can do for you! It’s a daily commitment to living your life to the fullest, to doing whatever it takes to push down the fear and step into your courage. It’s living in the mindset of YES, I CAN.

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