Get your YES on.

We all have one thing in common, we want to consistently improve our lives and be the best version of ourselves. We are capable of adjusting and making transformations but sometimes we need a little nudge (or a big push) to get us to leave our zone of comfort.

Significant, lasting change means stepping beyond your current way of life and embracing new habits. Your life is your signature creation and it should be your intent as such to express yourself boldly, create what you love and love what you create.

Enough waiting! It’s time to do the work and get your YES on!

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You no longer need to suffer in silence. It’s your time. Time to say YES to the things you have previously suppressed again and again. Time to embrace fears and uncertainty. Time to put yourself first so when you look back on your life you have fewer regrets. Hindsight is always 20/20 isn’t it?

Cathy Alessandra will help you dissect the things that shut you down and paralyze you today so you can refocus your future energy, time and efforts more positively. Her YES Method™ guides you on a path of evolution and strengthens your ability to make decisions from a place of confidence not comparison. She embodies an innate gift to help you foster the best version of YOU by approaching your journey with some tough love and a soft heart.


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The YES Method™

How It Works
  1. Discovering your YES - What is your big life vision or dream? Using my signature questionnaire and intake process, we peel the onion to get total clarity and unearth your YES.
  2. Own your YES - We work through any barriers and obstacles that might be paralyzing you or holding you back taking up precious real estate and refocus your energy, time and efforts more positively. Using my specially designed workbook along with our 1 on 1 calls, we will navigate through your greatest fears and challenges.
  3. Love your YES - No time? No Money? No excuses!! I’ve heard them all. Let’s replace those excuses with actionable steps so you can learn to love your YES.
  4. Design your YES -This is where we dice things into bite-sized digestible nuggets, taking life as it comes, month by month, day by day because that is simply reality. During this step, we map out your full blueprint!
  5. Live your YES - You have my support (and then some) -now go live the better version of you and I’ll be here when you need me to hold you accountable

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The YES Circle Mastermind

Are you looking for a group of like-minded women who you can brainstorm with and that understand and support you? Then look no further! This YES Circle Mastermind is a year-long commitment and requires a 3 hour investment of your time each month. They are offered in person (Los Angeles area) and virtually for those not in southern California (via Zoom). Each group has no more than 10 participants and each individual receives 20 minutes of dedicated mastermind time. During your 20 minutes, you are encouraged to share your greatest current challenge in order to obtain feedback and valuable insights.
Year-long program
One 1 hour private strategy session

Monthly group mastermind meeting
Private Facebook group
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Say YES Power Track

If you know you need to implement change but you don’t know where to start then this personal private coaching package is certainly designed for you! The 90 day Say YES Power Track is just that - a fast moving power program to help you find and accept the YES within you. In 90 days, we will move you forward by leaps and bounds, helping you discover your YES and find best practices to keep you on track (so to speak)!
90 Day Program
One 2 hour DISCOVER & DESIGN strategy session
Six 1 on 1 personal private 45 minute calls (2 calls per month)
Direct access to Cathy for accountability
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Seed Your YES Incubator

You have a dream, a vision, a YES that you desire to reach…. but you just haven’t been able to find the way towards that goal. You desire coaching and accountability, support from others, extra training, planning and strategy - you need (and deserve) it all! The Seed Your YES Incubator is for you! This group program offers 1 on 1 private coaching (and accountability) while also allowing you the fantastic opportunity to have a group of like-minded entrepreneurs looking out for you. Not only will you have private and group calls, this program includes a full day group retreat in a fabulous location in Los Angeles - a chance for you to get out of your office and work ON your business, not IN it!
6 Month group program
½ Day 1 on 1 private VIP DISCOVER & DESIGN session
Twelve 1 on 1 personal private 45-minute calls (2 calls per month)
Monthly 1-hour group training call PLUS Full Day Group Retreat
Direct access to Cathy for accountability
Complimentary Call

Download the YES Manifesto Now!


Download the YES Manifesto

A YES Manifesto is defined as a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives.

A YES woman lives with intention, willing to live all in and play all out. She is brave, bold and strong.

As The YES Boss, I created the YES Manifesto that I strive to live by daily! Change your life by living with YES intentions!