Helping You Mitigate Regret

I am known as The YES Boss.

Why? Because I’ve “been there” and “done that”.

I was headed on my own path of “woulda, coulda, shoulda” – a path that was filled with fear, doubt and regret. But thankfully I had an “a-ha” moment – one where I realized my life’s ultimate journey was in my hands and my hands alone – and that I could make the changes to be happy with myself if I could always be hopeful for the sun to shine despite the clouds!

So I did the work..peeling back my layers of fear and failure, discovering what my real YES should be (and why that was important), designing the life I wanted and claiming it.

I have helped others do the same through my signature YES Method™ programs. I walk my talk.

I offer customized coaching solutions based around your individual needs. My YES Method™ breaks the steps down into bite-sized digestible nuggets. I hold you accountable for the work that only you can do and help you get out of your own way when necessary.

I am accessible, dedicated and will help you own your YES. I’ll dish out some tough love with real compassion as its sidekick.

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Speaker Topics

The YES Factor- Keynote Presentation

Tired of saying “NO” to the things you really want? Feel like you may be missing something but not sure what? Questioning “is this it”? Stop waiting to live your best life and begin to follow your dreams today. Learn how to step into the life you are meant to live – using the YES Factor to design your life for fulfillment, fun and fabulousness, inside and out.

During Cathy’s presentation, you learn:
 – Five key factors for success both personally and professionally
– Simple steps to be fully present in all areas of your life
– The one powerful word that can change your life

Get Your YES On – A Half Day Experience

Struggling with overwhelm and burnout? Feeling the effects of fear and uncertainty? In this ½ day workshop, Cathy helps you begin the process of dissecting the things that shut you down and paralyze you so you can refocus your future energy, time and efforts more positively. You will walk away with concrete tools and strategies to live and love your YES!

During Cathy’s ½ day workshop, you learn:
 – Discover your YES by peeling back layers to gain total clarity to build a bigger vision
– Own your YES by becoming aware of the obstacles keeping you stuck
– Design your YES by creating step by step goals and tasks to get you moving forward
– Live your YES with activities to foster the best version of you

The Power of YES: Leading from Within

If you aren’t a leader, you’re a follower. To lead by example one must start by leading from a place within. Cathy shares her compelling stories of challenge and success to motivate and inspire her audience to say YES, I CAN and embrace their own leadership potential.

During Cathy’s presentation, you learn:
– The core principles of leading from within
– The three pillars of leading by example
– How a strategic YES can change everything

Just Say YES: Frazzled to Fulfilled

Juggling work and home balance is one of the most difficult aspects of a woman’s daily life. With multiple demands as a business woman, wife, mother, cook, caretaker, partner, friend, taxi driver, philanthropist and volunteer, overwhelm and burnout can quickly become the norm.

During Cathy’s presentation, you learn:
– Strategies to conquer overwhelm and become more productive and efficient
– The three keys to achieve work-life balance
– Why a YES is as important as a NO


“Cathy Alessandra spoke to my chapter about the marketing tools that a 21st Century female business owner needs to embrace.Her user-friendly presentation delivered the information and facts that she successfully used in her own business. It’s always a delight to listen and learn from someone who has successfully walked the walk…no theory, just practical applications.”

Sherrill Calhoun, eWomen Network, Fresno

“Cathy, you have touched lives – you have touched mine. You give me the inspiration to carry on in what I want to do.”

Michele Broad, Well Woman Network

“I got chills when Cathy opened with her story of transformation and the authenticity she showed on stage was breathtaking.”

Kim Acedo, Publisher

“Cathy Alessandra is perfect for any type of speaking where you want to keep your audience’s fueled with energy and excitement. Her infectious smile and passion for motivating an audience is instantly recognizable and received. We were thrilled when she said “YES” to emcee our two-day event for women business owners. I highly recommend Cathy for your next event when you want to ensure that your attendees stay motivated and inspired throughout the event.”

Joy Chudacoff, Smart Women Smart Solutions

“Cathy was our opening keynote speaker for both our conferences in Dallas and in the Northeast. She delivered with her “YES, I Can” message. It was perfect for our conference of hundreds of “ambitious women”. Cathy has a sincere and genuine story which is so relatable to all women with an inspiring message.”

Esther Spina, Founder, Ambitious Women Conference