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Welcome! If you’ve landed on this page, I’m guessing you’ve heard about the movement? But you may be wondering… “what’s it really all about?” Well, read on….

What is YES I CAN?

It’s a Mindset, a Mantra and the Motivation for Your Success.
It’s a Way of Life!


The journey of life can be thrilling and exciting! We dream dreams, set goals and begin the work to make it happen.

But then… it happens.

We say yes to our spouse or significant other. We say yes to our business or our boss. We manage the house, manage the kids, manage the finances, manage everyone…. and there is NOTHING left for us! We get tired, burned out, and overwhelmed. We hit road blocks, obstacles and challenges. We feel lost, unfulfilled and begin to question IS THIS IT?

Have you ever wondered…..

  • “When is it MY time to explore and expand?”
  • “Why am I not making more money?”
  • “How can I live my passion and purpose?”
  • “How can I make a difference?”
  • “What can I do to improve my life and live MY yes?”

Does any of this sound familiar?
Then let’s continue!…


door open low resAre you STUCK in the rut, the cycle, maybe even the trench? I was! Stuck in unhappy, unfulfilled… a place that left me spinning and thinking “there has GOT to be more to life!!” But to get UNSTUCK, it requires work – with serious reflection and introspection.

There is no reaching the destination without the journey.

The journey led me through pulling back the layers, getting real and being honest with myself.  But I had to be ready – both in my head and in my heart! I had to be ready to do the work. I had to be open to the possibility. And then, and only then, did the doors open and I could see what was right in front of me all along.

The first key to ANY shift or transformation is……

Making the DECISION!

transform 1aWhile my first YES I CAN was most visible (losing 75 pounds!), that was NOT the biggest or most difficult challenge I was facing!

YES I CAN is NOT about the weight loss!
It’s about the WAIT LOSS!!

Why are you waiting? It is for the perfect moment, the perfect circumstance, the kids to be gone, the marriage to get better, the bank account to be bigger? Really? The longer you wait to find true happiness and fulfillment, the bigger the loss. Life is short – stop waiting!

NEWSFLASH!!! Without working on the other challenges in my life and focusing on ME, I would not have been able to release 75 pounds. Yes, my YES I CAN goal at first was to lose weight and get healthy. But I even waited more than half my life for that!

Here were the REAL, much BIGGER challenges in my life…..

  • I was hiding in my business and playing small.
  • I was struggling in my marriage while we faced challenges with my son.
  • I was taking things personally and making assumptions, reacting not responding to life.
  • I was holding on to old beliefs that were holding me back.
  • I was saying yes to all the wrong things!!

DSC_1118By doing “the work”, I have re-invented, re-created and re-directed my own YES I CAN LIFE. Now…

  • My business is growing and I love what I do!! I sold both of my magazines and am living my passion and purpose as a Certified Professional Life & Business Coach helping other women discover their YES!
  • I am traveling around the world, pushing my limits and experiencing things I only dreamed about!
  • I have become very clear on my values and priorities – making every decision from a place of faith, family and freedom.
  • I’m able to release things, not taking them personally, asking questions and not making assumptions  – and understanding other’s issues are not about me – what a great place to be!
  • And yes, I released and have kept off 75 pounds!

I’m 52, FABULOUS and never felt better – in so many ways!!!


yic journey headshotsI had used food to numb my pain, fear, doubt, guilt and shame. And while food may or may not be your coping tool, I’m pretty certain that you experience some of the same fears, doubts, guilt, and shame as I had. Like it or not, our personal struggles are very much tied to our business success – AND our business struggles can affect our personal life! It’s WHOLE LIFE clarity and harmony- mind, body and spirit!


Here is What YOU Need to Know to Live Your YES….

First – it’s an empowered YES!

CoasterI liken my journey to a roller coaster ride. There were ups and downs, twists and turns, thrills and excitement! But there were common threads throughout the journey. When I pull into the “station” at the end of the ride, I want to look back with no regrets – no shoulda, woulda, coulda. I want to live, work and play all in and all out!

So I say YES to me!

An empowered YES means you’re ALL IN! You are not doing just the minimum – you are doing everything it takes. It’s putting you first. Mediocre is NOT ok – It’s striving for excellence! I have life goals – family, business, experiential, travel, spiritual,  financial – I’m going after them and you should too!

Is it work? You bet!
Is it worth it? YES YES YES!

Second – it’s not just “tweaking” – it’s TRANSFORMING!

We make the little shifts, the ones that aren’t that uncomfortable. It’s doesn’t hurt that much, maybe just a pinch. We can’t give it much time, so we take a few minutes. We do NOT like discomfort, uncertainty, ambiguity, or difficulty. SO WE TWEAK!

The real change comes when you are ready to make the decision to TRANSFORM! You can’t make the major shifts in your life unless you are willing to do the hard work, the deep work, the uncomfortable work, the work of transforming! It’s a CHOICE only YOU can make!

How Do I Know?

Because I did it! Every day! And I continue!
I Can! I Will! I Did! And You Can Too!
I walk my talk! I practice what I preach! And I do it EVERY SINGLE DAY!

But what about the empty promises??

Nothing irks me more then the coaches out there selling you a “dream life” who can’t and haven’t done it themselves.

  • I founded, grew and sold a 6 figure business!
  • I reinvented my business based on my passion and purpose.
  • I have been to hell and back with my son.
  • I had been on the edge in my marriage and we were able to collaboratively decide it was time to part ways.
  • I have lost and maintained a 75 pound health goal!
  • I founded a national non-profit! I give of my time, talent and treasure.
  • I’ve done this and more. And I’m here to support you!

I have successfully started over in almost every area of my life!!

YES I CAN has 7 Areas of Focus!
What are They? I’m Glad you Asked!

To truly create and live YOUR YES I CAN life, you need to get clear, focused and in sync with ALL areas of your life. Business, Health & Wellness, Love & Relationships, Family & Friends, Spirituality, Leadership and Life’s List (aka Bucket List)! It all works together – there is no escaping that fact. Gaining whole life clarity – mind, body and spirit – allows for transformation in all the areas of your life.

Picture this… a mechanical device with wheels that must all work together for the device to operate. A clock, a car engine, a factory would be an example. Each one of those cog wheels to run the device is an area of your life. For it to work and operate at it’s full capacity, each piece needs to be fully operational, running at it’s optimum level. But that won’t happen if each piece is not taken care of – and when one stops working, the whole device comes to a crashing halt! That’s why it’s whole life coaching… we need to look at your big picture, making sure all the wheels are meshing together to get the optimum experience!

There are 4 core principles in YES I CAN:

  • Be BIG! This is your BIG vision – in all areas of your life. The vision of you and where you want to go and who you want to be! I needed faith – in myself and my vision. I needed confidence. I had to pull back the layers and discover who I was and what I wanted from my life. I took time to enter the process and go through the discovery! And you can too! To Be Big, we start with aligning your values. We pull back the layers to discover who you really are and what you really want? It’s creating visions and dreams in all areas of YOUR life – whole life clarity!
  • Be BOLD! Once I understood my big vision and renewed my faith, it was time to own it. And this means stepping out and being bold. It starts with you and your confidence, breaking past the barriers of fear and doubt. One of my bold moves was to step onto stages and starting sharing my very real, raw story in a bold way that surprised many, but resonated with the masses. I had to stretch and be uncomfortable!  Being BOLD is uncomfortable. It requires courage, grit, tenacity, fortitude and moxie! But it’s how we step up, out and into our YES life!
  • Be BRIGHT! It’s about resilience. Whatever the challenges you face or obstacles you encounter, it’s being able to come back and say YES I CAN – NO MATTER WHAT! Who doesn’t face adversity? We all do! But only those who continue to move through it, around it and over it will succeed! Resilience is the power or ability to return to the original form or position after being bent, compressed or stretched?
  • Be YOU!! You are like no one else. You are a masterpiece – a work of art. STOP comparing yourself to others. Step out into the world as your own original authentic self and quit trying to be someone else.  If you are authentically aligned, you will be amazed at what and who you attract!

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