Who Are Your Sisters?

soar-sisters-finalThis past weekend, I had the honor of spending 3 days in retreat. But this wasn’t any ordinary retreat. It was the final retreat of the SOAR Elite group – a program led by my Business Coach, Joy Chudacoff.  This was a program I had been a part of for the last 6 years. A program that included a group of ladies I have the privilege of calling my sisters.

These ladies have been there during my highest highs and lowest lows – in business and in life. In reflecting on why these ladies had become my sisters, I realized it was founded on three foundations. Faith, trust and hope.

Faith: All of us had “faith” in something beyond ourselves. We had faith in the process, faith in the journey and faith in each other.

Trust: We had trust in ourselves and each other. This trust ran deep. You can’t open your heart to your darkest moments, fears and doubts without unconditional trust. And you can’t grow without opening your heart.

Hope: Even in the darkest days of my journey, there were others in the group who could provide hope. Hope that it would resolve itself, hope that there was a reason and a purpose, and hope there was a lesson that would reveal itself. At the same time, I was able to provide that same hope to others.

While this group has come to an “official” end, and there have been some ladies who have come and gone from the group over the years, these ladies will always be in my life. They are from around the country – as far as Georgia and North Carolina to right here around the corner from me in Los Angeles. They all touched my life. I will be forever grateful to have my SOAR sisters.

Who are your sisters? And I don’t mean the biological kind. While “real” sisters certainly can provide many of the attributes I mentioned above, they may not always. I encourage you to look for them. Your SOAR sisters or your inner circle or tribe. It’s a priceless experience to help support you to SOAR in your life!

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