Who Are You?

Be True To Who You Are placard with bokeh backgroundDoes the song by The Who start playing in your head? It did for me. But it’s a serious question. Are you showing up as you – or someone else? Fact is if you are trying to be someone other then who you really are at your core, things won’t truly flow.

I recently pondered that question. Who am I? How do I show up? What do I want to experience in life? Who am I meant to serve? What is holding me back?

Let me introduce you to the REAL Cathy Alessandra: I am a mother of three kids in their 20’s, an entrepreneur of 20+ years and a California girl who loves the ocean and anything that sparkles! I love playing the piano and dancing (not at the same time), playing the car radio loudly and singing along, traveling, entertaining in my home and hanging out with friends. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am passionate and purpose-driven.  My values are faith, family, freedom and making a difference! What do I want to experience? Joy, love, fulfillment… and a bucket list a mile long! What holds me back? When I allow myself to get into that place of fear and doubt – same as many of you.

My personal mission is to inspire and motivate 1000’s of women to create and live their YES I CAN life! I’ve been there.  I’ve walked in the trenches of heartache and sorrow, I’ve celebrated the joy of transformation and transition. It’s a DAILY task to move forward, through our fear and doubt, every single day. And it’s my mission to support others to do the same – to live their best  life, one YES at a time!

So – who are you? How do you show up? Is it aligned with who you really are – deep down within? I encourage you to ask yourself the same questions and write out your personal description and mission statement. Then ask yourself, is this how I’m showing up? If it is, congrats. If not, it’s time for a shift!

If you are ready to work “on” you and creating your best life in all areas, I hope you will consider joining me at The Yes I Can Experience. It can be life-changing for those ready to live their YES!


  1. Debbie Saviano says:

    Cathy, you represent the woman in all of us! Your willingness to share it all • hug when necessary • speak the truth and most of all, come from a place of true authenticity and LOVE.

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