What’s Your Story?

I was recently with a business associate catching up on how things were growing with each of our respective businesses. In talking about some of the changes in my life, my divorce came up. She commented how a mutual acquaintance was surprised by how much I had shared publicly about my divorce. My first gut reaction was a twinge of shame and – “uh oh”. And my next feeling was compassion….my sharing is nothing new and if it made her feel uncomfortable, what was she struggling with that my open honesty triggered in her? It’s never easy to be faced with our “stuff” – I understand that.

Over the last few years, I have been very open about my struggles. My 75 pound weight loss after years of stuffing my feelings, numbing my unhappiness with food and trying unsuccessfully to lose weight. My struggle with my son and my codependency. And now my divorce. We all have a story. We can choose to share it, or not. We can choose to get stuck in it, or not. We can choose to learn from it, or not.

I have chosen to share some of my greatest challenges in hopes that others who are experiencing similiar situations will know they are not alone. In sharing my struggle and pain, my purpose is to serve others. I’m no different then you. I put my pants on one leg at a time. I can cry and throw a pity party like anyone else. What I have learned and will sing from the mountain tops is we will not grow without moving through it. From our greatest pain comes our biggest lessons. We cannot go around it or take a shortcut. We must go through it. And we are not meant to go through it all alone. We are meant for connection to others.

What is your story? What is your struggle? Are you meant to use your pain as your purpose? Whether divorce, addiction, death, or the many other challenges of life – who can you reach out to who understands and can move through it with you? If you are through it, how can you serve others by making your pain your purpose?

Yes I Can is all about that. It’s about taking that step forward, every day, to move through life’s greatest challenges to find that pure joy. It’s about stepping out in faith. It’s about knowing you are meant for a purpose.

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