Wake Up – God is Calling

I know this is “out there”. It’s woo woo and may seem crazy to some, but it’s my truth and  I have decided to go out on a limb and share.

Let me set the stage… I’m on a 3 1/2 week vacation – 24 days to be exact. Part of the trip is an 11 day cruise with my parents, heading into the fjords of Norway. It’s been an amazing trip so far though in all honesty, the first few days were  a bit difficult. This is my first “family” trip without my family. The last cruise with my parents was with my children and my then husband. But life is changing and I was grateful to be invited.

On day 6, as we were sailing into the first fjord, I was woken up by someone calling me name. Literally – “Cathy wake up. Cathy…. wake up! Cathy… can you hear me? Wake up!” As I started to come out of my sleepy haze and comprehend someone was calling me, I rushed to my cabin door thinking it was my dad. Had I overslept and he was there to see why I wasn’t getting off the ship? Nope! No one was there. The hall was empty. I glanced at the clock – I was up over  2 hours early.

When I turned around, I saw it. The first glimpse of the fjords through the curtains. And I grabbed my phone and took the picture in this post. The majestic mountains, the water falls, gliding through the water – a huge multi-ton ship – totally peaceful. I was in awe.

God had woken me up. He’d called out to me in my sleep. He wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing my life or letting it pass me by. The abundance, all around me, the peace and beauty in everything.  Has my life made a shift? Yes. Is there good in everything? If you are open to the possibilities. Are you listening when your higher power calls to you – to wake you up from your “sleep”? What are you missing out on or is passing by you because you won’t open up your eyes? We get stuck in our “story”, sleeping through life and miss out.

The lesson? Accept what is your today, let go of what was your yesterday, and have faith in your journey towards tomorrow. It’s filled with peace and beauty. There is abundance if you truly open your eyes and hear God’s wake up call.

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