Take Off the Mask

bootsI love Halloween! A fun holiday to “show-up” as you might like to be. Or not.

I have most always dressed up for Halloween – from Pinky Tuscadero when I was a youth, to a gypsy, to Carmen Miranda as an adult (the Chiquita banana lady – fruit on my head and all!)…and the list goes on. (Do you see the trend?)  Even yesterday, while I didn’t have an “official” costume, I found myself looking at my closet thinking what could I wear.

I decided on an orange shirt (I have many orange choices in my closet) and my blinged out, sequins cowboys boots. Why the cowboy boots? Cause I absolutely LOVE THEM, but hardly wear them? WHY? Because once upon a time a few years back, when I was putting them on, someone actually said to me “You aren’t really going to wear those out, are you?”…. and they came off my feet and went back into the closet.

How often are you hiding behind the mask? Dressing the “right” way, responding how you are “expected” to respond, taking the “circle” you are and stuffing you into a square hole.

As human beings, many of us try to conform to the “normal” standards – doing and saying what is expected in our society, or at least our circle of family and friends. We put on the mask, hiding our real selves for fear of being judged. Instead of showing up as our brilliant self – one with power and confidence, we play a part that is neither authentic nor in alignment with our true self. And when we do that, we are serving no one.

I encourage you to take off the mask, stop pretending to be who you are not, and show up as your own brilliant self. A YES I CAN Woman owns her power and confidence, she owns her brilliance and boldness, and she never needs to wear a mask.

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