Pass the Potatoes, No Expectations Please

Happy Thanksgiving Day Logotype,Hard to believe we are coming into the home stretch of 2016! The holidays are upon us – with Thanksgiving tomorrow!

As I was reflecting this morning on the coming days, I was reminded to drop the expectations and just be grateful for the moments. Many of us will spend the holiday with family and friends. Some of us will conjure up expectations of how we want the holiday to go. Nice words, everyone getting along, the perfect meal, and more. Then what happens? Something gets said that is taken personally, someone doesn’t show up on time or at all, the perfect meal doesn’t have that perfect experience…. and we become disappointed.

For many, the holidays can be a difficult time. There are many reasons, but could it partly be because of the unmet expectations we have put on what the holidays mean to us and how others should respond?

Awareness is the first step. I encourage you to take a moment tonight or tomorrow morning – before heading out to your Thanksgiving feast. Give some thought to your expectations – and how you can release control of the outcome. Get present, be in the moment, trust, have faith…. count the blessings and be grateful. It can change your whole perspective and maybe even leave you filled with joy.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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