Own Your Crazy

Are there days you feel crazy? Maybe a little silly? Days where you question yourself, your decisions, your brilliance, your life?

A couple weeks ago, I was in the car listening to the radio way too loudly. Actually, it was Spotify and my daughter’s country favorites list. As a listener on her account, she keeps me connected with all the new favorite songs (yes, we actually love the same music). That day, a new song came on that caught my attention. This young woman was belting out all about “owning it” – who cares what they say, we shouldn’t listen anyway, that yes we may all be a little dysfunctional but the point…. that it’s all ok and we need to OWN it – all of it – our crazy, our coolness, our dysfunction, our brilliance and more. Part of the lyrics……

Own your coolness
Own your crazy
Own your story in the making
Own your passion
Own your style
Own your stupid
Own your brave and
Own your wings and your mistakes
Own your style
Own your stupid
We’re not gonna stress
We’re all such a beautiful mess

As the end of 2016 draws near, I’m making another big life transition. After all, the journey is never complete, is it?! Part of that transition is to know I am ok in all my crazy. I have my own style, I have my personality, I have my own song to sing…. and it’s all ok, because I own it. Thanks to an 18 year old country artist named Bailey Bryant, I was reminded at the perfect moment to own it all.

In case you’d like to listen in (and maybe sing along), the YouTube video of the song is below….

Here’s to OWNING IT!

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