Never Waste a Day

Dreams In A Glass JarMy woulda, coulda, shoulda questions came up again this morning. I was  reading a book that talked about living your best life, not waiting for the “perfect” moment, and being really present in everything that you do. “Never waste a day” was his comment. And that got me thinking!

Do you know how many days are left for you to make an impact? How about how many weeks to accomplish and do what you want to do? While we never know what tomorrow will actually bring, the average life-span for a woman is to live until age 81. Well, I’m 51. So that, by statistics, leaves me 30 years – and hopefully more! That is 1560 weeks. Or 10,950 days. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem like very long!!! So what do we do?

It’s time to step up and live our best life…. The life we are meant to live, share and serve. I’m not saying everything comes up roses, but we do have control of our self, how we respond vs react to a situation, and of our choices, every single day.

Here are three tips to start living and never waste a day:

  1. Get grateful. Yes, grateful…for everything! The good, the bad and the ugly. Every morning, write the 3 things you are most grateful for that day. Waking up, the rain, your children, the challenges, the triumphs. All of it. If we can come from a place of being grateful in everything that we do, everything we experience and all paths we cross, it helps us to see the positive, understanding that our challenges are just part of the journey.
  2. Get passionate. What gets your fire burning? Is it something creative – like art or music? Is it adventure – like hiking or rock climbing? Is it travel -to a local destination or an African safari? We might not find passion in all areas of our lives (ie. we may not like our job, but it pays the bills), but we can get passionate in other areas. I recently bought a piano and started playing after 20+ years, I’m booking a trip to learn how to water ski, and I’m even headed to Orlando for a business trip – but I’m staying an extra day and going to Epcot Center!!! Get passionate about living and I’m telling you, it brings happiness and joy!!
  3. Get present. Become mindful of being present in everything that you do. Every moment of every day – be present to the wind, the birds, the love. Every minute is a gift – one to be cherished with lessons to be learned.

It’s become abundantly clear that I do not want to wait for “ready”.  I’m very clear on my values – faith, family, freedom and making a difference. And that is exactly how I am going to live my life – in everything I do! From running my coaching practice with a mission to inspire and motivate 1000’s of women, to leading my non-profit to 200 groups nationwide by 2020, to choosing my friends and experiencing life’s opportunities! For me, it’s a resounding YES I CAN!

Never waste a day again! Will you join me?

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