I’m excited to offer a 10 month program!
The Yes I Can Incubator!

Are you struggling or stuck – feeling like you are missing something but not sure what??

Are you yearning for a bigger, bolder, brighter future filled with more joy, more laughter and total fulfillment in ALL areas of your life?

If so, you are invited……

incubator logoWhen you’ve had enough and KNOW you deserve more – when “waiting” for your best life if no longer an option, the YES I Can Incubator is the place for you! Join Cathy Alessandra along with 9 other women in this ONE-OF-A-KIND program!

Why an “incubator”? Because to “incubate” is to develop, grow and take form! This process requires self-reflection, peeling back the layers and discovering YOU! As the shell breaks away, you will grow and your new life will take form! You will be ready to design the life you are meant to live – a life filled with passions, purpose and fulfillment!

The Yes I Can Incubator includes…

  • 20 One on One PRIVATE personal 45 minutes calls with Cathy
    That is 2 calls per month – virtually unheard of in the coaching industry! That is because I KNOW, firsthand, that is takes accountability to move and grow. Our calls are strategically scheduled for 2 times per month to give you that – as we peel back the layers, discovering and designing your new life blueprint!
  • 10 One hour group calls (all months except the retreat month!)
    These monthly 1-hour calls will include training on 1 of the areas of focus for the month – business, health, love & relationships, family & friends and leadership. Cathy or a special guest expert will join the conversation. This will also be a chance for each member to share their latest celebration and brainstorm a challenge.
  • Live and In-Person Mastermind Day – April 7, 2017
    This full day mastermind will be held in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. The day will include timely training, a mastermind session for each participant, lunch and a special evening activity!
  • A signed copy of Cathy’s #1 Amazon Best-seller – “Yes I Can: The Mindset, Mantra and Motivation for Success” along with the Yes I Can Lifestyle Blueprint!
    Cathy will mail you a personally signed copy of her latest book as well as the full lifestyle blueprint and journal. These tools will set you up for success!
  • The “Your Daily Yes™” email
    A daily email from Cathy – with inspiration and motivation to encourage you on your #YESICAN journey!
  • An invitation to join a special SECRET hidden Facebook group!
    In this very exclusive group, Cathy will share from her heart to yours. It may be a challenge or a struggle, it maybe a success or a celebration – but it will ALWAYS be inspiring, empowering and supportive for you on your journey!
  • Personal Accountability with Cathy!
    It bears repeating: accountability is a critical part of success! In this program, not only will you have 2 monthly coaching calls with Cathy, but you will have accountability! You will get access to Cathy via a special texting app to connect with her at the moments you need it most! You can respond or not, but the MOST IMPORTANT thing that support success is accountability!

And best of all….

yes i can powerpoint 5Our spectacular 2 day retreat will be held on November 2 & 3, 2017 at the Beach House Hotel in Hermosa Beach, California! The Beach House is located on the Strand hear the Hermosa Beach pier, just steps from the surf line! We’ll review and celebrate how far you have come – and create new #YESICAN goals to take you successfully into 2018! There will be expanded training, creative exercises, focused blueprint building and time for you to re-energize and get your YES on – all in a fabulous location!

All of this for only $4997!

The next incubator will begin in January 2017!
Please email for an application!