Colored Pencils and Crayons

multicolored crayons closeupThere are two times of the year that seem like a “new” beginning. New Year’s is one of course, and back to school season is the other.

As a child, back to school season meant new colored pencils and a box of crayons. It meant a new backpack, a new binder and a new lunch box. It meant a fresh start, a new beginning, with new friends, experiences and opportunities. If you have kids, I’m sure you’ve seen it through their eyes too…. the excitement and anticipation and maybe even the anxiety of the first day of school!

So let’s take this whole idea of back to school season with fresh ideas and a new start and look at it in terms of our business.

We are headed into the final quarter of the year. It may be time to make some adjustments to end the year strong. It may mean new colored pencils and a box of crayons, it may mean reassessing and adjusting a goal, or it may mean doing more of what is working and less of the rest!

Here are some tips:

  • New Colored Pencils and a Box of Crayons
    Now is the perfect time to take stock of your supplies! No, I don’t literally mean buy yourself new colored pencils (although that has become quite the trend!). Let’s look at the tools we are using and how they are assisting us – or is there something better, fresher, newer. Maybe there is something you are doing over and over and over again – and there is a tool you could implement that would save you tons of time and maybe only cost a little bit of money. There are so many ways to look at the new colored pencils!
  • Reassessing and Adjusting the Goals
    At the beginning of the year, most of us set goals. And typically, they are stretch goals. With just over 100 days left of 2016, it’s time to reassess. Are you on track? Have you already overshot your goals (maybe they were too small?), or is there just too far to go? Let’s readjust the goals now and hit it hard so we can finish the year celebrating victory! Whether the goal is a dollar amount, number of clients, or even speaking gigs, reassess, review and adjust – but remember to leave a little stretch!
  • Do More or Less
    What is working in your business? What isn’t? And with the “what isn’t”, why are you still doing it? We all have excess baggage in our business. We are doing things because it’s the way we’ve always done them, or using a program because its just always been done that way. I bet right off the top of your head, you could name something you are doing that isn’t working… but it seems easier to just carry on. Well, cut it! Take some time today, tomorrow or this weekend and review what is working. Look at your numbers (yes, open up your books – look at the numbers – they do not lie), where are you spending your time and figure out if the ROI is really worth it. Stop doing what isn’t working – and do more of what is!

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