Are You In Integrity?

ACC_PRINTI’m so excited. I received my “official” coaching credential today from the International Coach Federation. You say – “so what”, “big deal”, “yippee for you”. Well, yes…. for me, it is a big deal and YIPPEEE was definitely a reaction – and here is why!

I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. I started my first business in 1995 and recently sold it. I started my second business in 2009 and my third in 2011. And in December of 2015, I sold those businesses and started my 4th! During the last 6 years or so, I have been going through my own discernment and transformation – and my 4th business, life coaching with an emphasis on living your YES – is based on the tools I used to personally walk the talk. [Read more…]

Today, Receive

Many of us find it challenging to receive. Women hesitate to ask for help, we brush aside a compliment and we don’t take it in. But what are we doing to ourselves – and doing to the person who is sharing their gratitude?

How many times have you been in a situation where someone is praising you, or thanking you, or giving you a compliment, and you say “oh, it was nothing, no big deal”. I had someone tell me they were being humble by not accepting the compliment, but is that really being humble? I think not. Is it uncomfortable? Maybe. But most of the time, when someone is paying you a compliment it becomes a bigger deal as you say no big deal and they say yes it is and it goes on and on as they try to convince you. [Read more…]

It’s a Sign

Do you pay attention to the signs? Yes, the stop sign, the yield, the “do not enter”… but do you pay attention to the other more subtle signs in your life?

This past weekend, I was at the celebration of my daughter’s college graduation. There were many signs… from the speeches to the cards she received. But there was one that stood out. While leaving Old Sacramento, after leaving all the family (including my two daughters) and headed to the airport, I was feeling a little blue. On the fence, right by the entrance to the freeway as I was feeling a bit lost, a sign caught my eye. It was tied to a chain link fence and said “You Are Loved.” [Read more…]

The Dark Side… Self-Sabotage

Sabotage word in 3d letters on a black round bomb to illustrateWe do it to ourselves. We undermine our health, our wealth, our relationships and more. It’s called self-sabotage, and I caught myself in it this past weekend.

On Friday night, I woke up at 2am with a stomach ache. Why? Because I had eaten something way off my healthy lifestyle plan – and had indulged in a couple of drinks as well. The scale was up 6 pounds over the last 2 weeks and I laid there wondering WHY was I doing this to myself? And it hit me…. SELF-SABOTAGE. [Read more…]

Don’t Fit In – Stand Out!

33Have you ever played small because you were worried about failure? Have you ever conformed to the “standards” of someone else because you were afraid of being judged? Why is it we try to just fit in and not stand out?

I love my sparkle and bling. I love my leopard shoes and my blinged out cowboy boots! I love my brightly colored dresses and my polka dot tote bag. My personality can be a little loud and vivacious, BUT if I try to tone it down and “fit in”, who am I really serving? [Read more…]

The Struggle Is Real

Self Doubt 300 pixelsI shared with you a couple months back about the struggle I had faced at the beginning of this year. I’d fallen into a depression of sorts after selling both of my magazines. I’d been a magazine publisher for 20 years as of November 2015, and I’d lost my identity. Yes, I was moving forward with the Yes I Can movement and mentoring and coaching – but I began questioning if I’d done the right thing.

We all experience these times of fear and doubt, maybe even a little (or a lot of) sadness and depression. I was at a woman’s conference this past Friday and a woman approached me who had watched the video (Thanks Grace!). She commented that she wanted to hear how I had gotten out of it. I had shared in the video about being sad but then magically it seemed all was right in the world and how had I done that. So I’m opening that up here. [Read more…]

Cut the Crap and Smell the Daisies

daisyYes, ok, I’m on a rant. But hear me roar because this is a good reminder for everyone!!

Cut the crap, STOP the excuses, enough with the LIES you are telling yourself! You are using excuses to WAIT! WAITING for the right time, the right place, the right person, the right opportunity. And you wait and wait and wait and soon enough, your time will be up. I’ve heard more excuses the last 2 weeks and it breaks my heart! But sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

I waited and put things off for years using all kinds of excuses. I’m too fat, I’m not smart enough, let me make more money first, when my kids get older, I don’t have time! SERIOUSLY? It will never be “perfect”, there is only now. Don’t learn the hard way! [Read more…]

If You Aren’t Afraid….

There is nothing comfortable in growth! NOTHING! If we are not afraid, we are not fully engaged in playing the game of life!!! With that said, we also need to learn how to move through the fear and “get comfortable being uncomfortable”.

One of the 4 Principles of Yes I Can is Be Bold! That is exactly what you need to do to grow to the next level. Being bold means stepping out in faith, getting uncomfortable and stretching into the fear. We need to step up and step out. We need to say what we mean and be who we are. It means bold decisions, bold actions and big growth. And all of that means getting uncomfortable. [Read more…]

Are You Running on Empty?

gas gaugeOne of the 3 pillars in Yes I Can is SELF-care. In fact, it’s probably the most important pillar to living a life of YES! Do you have trouble saying YES to YOU? And why is it that women find it so difficult to put themselves first?

We live in a world of crazy busy overwhelm. Many women are serving multiple roles – as mother, wife, business owner, taxi driver, cook, maid, caretaker, girlfriend –  and the list goes on and on. We give, give, give until we are so empty, we have nothing left. And once we hit the point of empty, then what? [Read more…]

Have You Lost Yourself? I Did!

yes i can silver new logo final transparentAt the end of 2015, I sold my business of 20 years to move forward with coaching and empowering women with living a Yes I Can life. I had been known as the Publisher for Today’s Innovative Woman magazine with pink and bling. If you knew me, had met me, or even visited the website, you would see that. When I sold my two magazines, I became lost in who I was? What was my definition? How was I supposed to show up? Who had I become? [Read more…]