Viola, Voodoo and Victory

I’ve spent the last few days in Austin Texas – enjoying friends, live music, great food (including Voodoo donuts) and the Texas Women’s Conference. To top that off, I’m lucky to be traveling with one of my BFF’s and we brought our 25 year old daughter’s along for the experience.
While the Voodoo donuts and Texas BBQ were certainly a highlight, the learning and sharing at the Texas Women’s Conference – and then the conversations following – has been the greatest joy. [Read more…]

5 Quick Tips for Networking

As the saying goes, time is money.  And attending live events can be a cash cow – or a total bust. But networking, online and in person, goes along with running a successful business. It’s all in how you plan, execute and follow up.

I know “networking” can conjure up images of events with massive amounts of people all shoving business cards into your hand. I hated going to networking events. For years I avoided them like the plague. And now I’m the Managing Director for the Los Angeles chapter of eWomenNetwork. But that’s because this style of connecting – my style of connecting, is different then the old school ways of the past. Here are 5 quick and easy tips for you to implement immediately into your networking strategy [Read more…]

Baggage Claim

Are you holding on too tightly to your baggage? Are you staying stuck in your story? Maybe it’s time to check that baggage instead of keeping it as a carry-on and start a new chapter of the story.

In speaking to a friend recently, he kept explaining that he has baggage. Newsflash: We all have baggage. We all have a story. But in talking about the baggage, some of us use it as an excuse – for poor behavior, to not move forward, and to stay stuck in the “whoa is me” syndrome. Until we are willing to loosen the grip on that baggage and eventually unpack it, we will never move forward to find our new normal and true happiness. What do I mean? Read on….. [Read more…]

Wake Up – God is Calling

I know this is “out there”. It’s woo woo and may seem crazy to some, but it’s my truth and  I have decided to go out on a limb and share.

Let me set the stage… I’m on a 3 1/2 week vacation – 24 days to be exact. Part of the trip is an 11 day cruise with my parents, heading into the fjords of Norway. It’s been an amazing trip so far though in all honesty, the first few days were  a bit difficult. This is my first “family” trip without my family. The last cruise with my parents was with my children and my then husband. But life is changing and I was grateful to be invited. [Read more…]

What’s Your Story?

I was recently with a business associate catching up on how things were growing with each of our respective businesses. In talking about some of the changes in my life, my divorce came up. She commented how a mutual acquaintance was surprised by how much I had shared publicly about my divorce. My first gut reaction was a twinge of shame and – “uh oh”. And my next feeling was compassion….my sharing is nothing new and if it made her feel uncomfortable, what was she struggling with that my open honesty triggered in her? It’s never easy to be faced with our “stuff” – I understand that.

Over the last few years, I have been very open about my struggles. My 75 pound weight loss after years of stuffing my feelings, numbing my unhappiness with food and trying unsuccessfully to lose weight. My struggle with my son and my codependency. And now my divorce. We all have a story. We can choose to share it, or not. We can choose to get stuck in it, or not. We can choose to learn from it, or not. [Read more…]

Do You Believe In…?

There is Santa, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy… and as children, most of us at one time or another believed. We’d put out the cookies and milk, we’d look for the hidden eggs, and we’d put the tooth under our pillow hoping for that quarter (now it’s a dollar). Yet WHY is it so difficult to believe in yourself? [Read more…]

The Swirl – It’s Part of the Unraveling

Shame storm, shit show – call it what you will. When the day gets dark and the clouds are closing in, it’s just plain scary. It becomes a show-down between your feelings, thoughts and reality! The hurricane inside your head, your stomach and your body swirls like a category 5 –  And only YOU have control.

I’ve been through my share of what Brene Brown calls shame storms – albeit most of them self-imposed. Or I have allowed it to happen. Someone once said to me in the heat of the moment, “I can’t make you feel anything, but I sure can try.”


Time stopped. The air became still. My head began spinning. Was it realizing this person I had trusted was manipulating my feelings? Sure, I could have played the blame game.  But NO, it was the moment I realized that only I had control of my feelings, thoughts and reactions. It empowered me to take back my power and stop leaving it on the table for someone else to control. [Read more…]

Party of 1

Have you ever traveled by yourself? Sat in a restaurant and had a meal by yourself? Or gotten in the car and just driven… with no particular destination?

I have written before about the importance of silence and solitude. Taking myself away for 24 hours – alone with no phone, no computer, no tv, no nothing – THAT was the start of my YES I CAN journey. It allowed me to focus on me with no outside “noise” or distractions.

While driving up to Northern California on Easter weekend, I had that same feeling and desire. I needed to escape, disappear, and find myself yet again. I was now a single woman with new dreams, goals and visions. I had a new independence I was ready to celebrate.   I contemplated throwing everything in the car and just driving to destinations unknown. No plan, no map – just go. But realizing that was not the smartest decision a single woman could make, the next best thing was to escape to the mountains. Park City Utah to be exact, a place I’d been before and found great solitude and peace. But this time, I wanted adventure as well. [Read more…]

Own Your Crazy

Are there days you feel crazy? Maybe a little silly? Days where you question yourself, your decisions, your brilliance, your life?

A couple weeks ago, I was in the car listening to the radio way too loudly. Actually, it was Spotify and my daughter’s country favorites list. As a listener on her account, she keeps me connected with all the new favorite songs (yes, we actually love the same music). That day, a new song came on that caught my attention. This young woman was belting out all about “owning it” – who cares what they say, we shouldn’t listen anyway, that yes we may all be a little dysfunctional but the point…. that it’s all ok and we need to OWN it – all of it – our crazy, our coolness, our dysfunction, our brilliance and more. Part of the lyrics…… [Read more…]

Pass the Potatoes, No Expectations Please

Happy Thanksgiving Day Logotype,Hard to believe we are coming into the home stretch of 2016! The holidays are upon us – with Thanksgiving tomorrow!

As I was reflecting this morning on the coming days, I was reminded to drop the expectations and just be grateful for the moments. Many of us will spend the holiday with family and friends. Some of us will conjure up expectations of how we want the holiday to go. Nice words, everyone getting along, the perfect meal, and more. Then what happens? Something gets said that is taken personally, someone doesn’t show up on time or at all, the perfect meal doesn’t have that perfect experience…. and we become disappointed. [Read more…]