Baggage Claim

Are you holding on too tightly to your baggage? Are you staying stuck in your story? Maybe it’s time to check that baggage instead of keeping it as a carry-on and start a new chapter of the story.

In speaking to a friend recently, he kept explaining that he has baggage. Newsflash: We all have baggage. We all have a story. But in talking about the baggage, some of us use it as an excuse – for poor behavior, to not move forward, and to stay stuck in the “whoa is me” syndrome. Until we are willing to loosen the grip on that baggage and eventually unpack it, we will never move forward to find our new normal and true happiness. What do I mean? Read on…..

Check the baggage – and check it at the curb. When something goes wrong, when things don’t meet our expectations, when life lets you down, don’t blame it on the baggage. Yes, we all have life experiences (or baggage) that will shape how we react and respond to various situations, including the delays and diversions. But in my mind, the purpose of the experience is to learn, grow and take that lesson with us as we change planes. Sure… sometimes we don’t understand why. And there are times we NEVER will. We’ve been dealt a bad hand or lady luck isn’t sitting on our shoulder. But if we continue to blame it on the baggage and don’t accept it, process it and move through it, we tend to continue to have the same lesson over and over and over again.

However, the longer you accept it without unpacking the bags, the longer it may take to get to your destination – and you may quite possibly be diverted all together.

Unpack the bag. To truly understand the deeper lesson and move past it, sometimes…many times… we need to fully unpack the bag. This is the self-reflection and self-discovery. It’s pulling back the layers, learning to unconditionally love yourself again, and be willing to face the fear. This starts by putting your oxygen mask on first and, wait for it… BREATHE! Then carefully, piece by piece, examining the contents, discarding the old ideas and replacing them with new ideals.

But don’t replace the baggage. Discarding the worn, torn and tattered baggage isn’t easy. This is where we need to surrender and let go. By allowing new fresh ideas and perspectives to enter, the baggage becomes something that doesn’t need to come with us any longer. We can skip baggage claim and leave it behind.

Our baggage can become our security blanket. We know it, we understand it, we hold on to it tightly and we think it defines us. But the fact is, it only defines us if we let it. It’s time to leave the baggage behind. To successfully leave it behind, embody the YES I CAN pillars including self-care, sacred space and support. Take the time to unpack, nurture yourself through it, and find the support you need to fully empty your bags.

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