Are You In Integrity?

ACC_PRINTI’m so excited. I received my “official” coaching credential today from the International Coach Federation. You say – “so what”, “big deal”, “yippee for you”. Well, yes…. for me, it is a big deal and YIPPEEE was definitely a reaction – and here is why!

I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. I started my first business in 1995 and recently sold it. I started my second business in 2009 and my third in 2011. And in December of 2015, I sold those businesses and started my 4th! During the last 6 years or so, I have been going through my own discernment and transformation – and my 4th business, life coaching with an emphasis on living your YES – is based on the tools I used to personally walk the talk.

But nowadays, just about anyone can throw up a “shingle” saying “life coach”. Nothing is required, no experience is needed, no training… just some sort of “experience” in some area. And to me, that has given the whole industry a bad name. Why? Because there are plenty of shingle-throwers who don’t know the first thing about what they are doing, and are actually charging a boat load of money and in some cases, leaving the client worse-off then where they started!

So the “so what” is where I began. I needed to be in integrity for my own personal reasons. While I certainly have the experience of running (and selling) 2 successful magazines, losing 75 pounds, learning to live my YES in a variety of ways and transforming my entire life, I felt it important to be credentialed! Which meant 60+ hours of training, 100+ hours of actual client work, working with a mentor coach, a 3 hour 155 question test and more!

Does that mean anything to you? It should! It means I’ve done the “official” work to guide you and COACH you into creating and walking YOUR talk, living YOUR best life! Whether you work with me or another coach, I highly recommend checking out their experience and “credentials”. It only protects you – and helps the industry as a whole regain its credibility!

P.S. Next step…. with my non-profit work with Mothers With Hope, I am pursuing my Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor credential through the State of California. Life coaching, recovery coaching, transformation coaching…. work with someone who knows what they are doing!


  1. Jeri Dale says:

    I am so proud of your hard work and dedication! You amaze me! Congratulations Cathy! The world just got better!!!!

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