Are You Impulsive or Decisive?

Regret or no regrets saying sorry and offer apologize being ashaImpulsive: actuated or swayed by emotional or involuntary impulses

Decisive: characterized by or displaying no or little hesitation; resolute; determined:

I recently had a conversation with someone about making decisions impulsively, or decisively and the pros and cons to both. Let me explain.

We have multiple decisions that occur every day – every hour. Some we make on impulse – based on our emotional reactions, or of course, the involuntary reactions or impulses. We may be swayed by emotions. For example, someone posts or comments on social media that makes us think differently, or causes us to react in a way to change our course. If it’s super-charged with emotion, we may make an impulsive decision or have an impulsive reaction that doesn’t really serve us or the situation. Have you ever ranted on social media upon reading another comment? However an impulsive decision is not always bad depending upon the emotion that triggers it.

Decisive action however, is determined. We stop (if even for a nano-second) and think about it. We respond – we don’t “react”. Now don’t get me wrong – we are not dragging our feet on making the decision or taking the action. It can be as quick as an impulsive decision if we know what we want. But being decisive starts with knowing your why, your what, your values and your purpose. Coming from that place, decisive action is easy and seemingly effortless.

Both can be fast acting and quick thinking. Neither one is an excuse to not make a decision or implement something. Highly successful people have made quick impulsive decisions based on their gut emotions – and they were right. And many have struggled even after taking the time to “think” and take decisive action. The bottom line is that both are important and useful as long as you are starting from center. Know who you are, know what you want and know where you want to go. When you have that big YES I CAN vision for your life, making any kind of decision – impulsive or decisive – allows for no regrets plus it becomes a whole lot easier!

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