30 Days of YES

What does it mean? There are many 30 day “challenges”. 30 days to lose 10 pounds, 30 days to being debt free, 30 days to find your man.

This is different – This isn’t a “challenge”.

No one wins or loses. No one gets a prize or trophy. What one will get is more of themselves in a more happy, fulfilled, fabulous way.

Would you like that?

Business MistakeThe world is moving ever so fast. We are over-committed, over-whelmed, over-worked and over-tired. The last person on the planet we think about taking care of is us! But in fact, if we aren’t happy, healthy and overflowing, it makes it harder and harder to give to our families, our significant others, our friends, our jobs and the list goes on.

Never was the definition of insanity more true –  “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”! We start the year with “resolutions” – and by February, they are a distant memory. We say “this year will be different” and then it’s December and we are questioning where the year went. Nothing is going to change until YOU are ready to commit!

ARE YOU READY FOR A POSITIVE CHANGE – to take control of your life?

Don't Be Afraid To Say Yes Message Written On Paper Note30 Days of YES is a daily email from me. A short video, a quick note – with a reminder of something to do FOR YOU that day! It nothing difficult – it’s really quite simple. It’s about taking care of YOU! (What a novel idea, I know!)


Commit to a new you, a new life – filled with more joy, fulfillment, laughter and fun – all while having your best year ever in business, health, family and friends!

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Don’t delay – commit NOW to YOU and YOUR HAPPIER LIFE!