30 Days of Health and Wellness

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter… Would you like to feel more comfortable in your body? Maybe even bikini ready?

Ok, even I’m NOT bikini ready (and I don’t plan on ever wearing a bikini)! But what about those super cute shorts, white pants and bathing suits??? Or how about just standing in front of the mirror and feeling good about yourself?

Would you commit to the next 30 days if you could
feel better mentally and physically?

Health is a big part of my YES I CAN! My first big YES goal was to lose 40 pounds! I was on blood pressure medications, I was uncomfortable on a plane, I was huffing and puffing climbing the stairs, all my shopping was in plus sizes and I’d had enough!!! I made a commitment – And not only did I reach my original goal of 40 pounds – I lost 75!

transform 1aHealth and well-being is a mindset and a lifestyle. It’s not all about weight loss – it’s about treating your body like the temple it is and having it in prime working order for you. Eating right, moving, meditating and getting your head in the right place are the first steps! I wanted to get my life back and be able to say YES to things without considering whether my body would say yes too! AND I DID!

yic journey headshotsI get the struggle! I totally understand! I’ve been there and done it. I made excuses, I had my moments of “failure” and doubt, but it’s a choice. You can choose to stay where you are – OR you can choose to work on YOU daily and move forward!

Here’s the secret!! I didn’t do it alone! I had help, support and guidance! And that’s exactly what 30 Days of Yes: Health and Wellness is all about!!

I’ve put it all into an easy, AFFORDABLE, step by step daily 30 day action plan –
using exactly what I did!!!

What did I do to lose 75 pounds?

  • Daily Accountability
  • Baby Steps
  • Commitment and Resolve
  • Support
  • and A PLAN!

You’re Invited to Join Me for…
30 Days of YES: Health and Wellness
I’ve created the plan JUST FOR YOU!

Beginning June 20th (the first “official” day of summer!), we will begin a 30 day journey together. It’s about accountability with me, group support, daily action and baby steps.

Here is everything you will get….

  • A one-on-one PRIVATE personal 20 minute JUMP-START CALL with Cathy!
    We are going to create your personal healthy blueprint! No more excuses – we’re going to map it out together – a daily action plan & calendar for the next 30 days to support you in reaching your health goals!
  • A DAILY action plan email from me directly into your inbox!
    Yes, you read that right! You will receive an email from me every day for 30 days with tips, ideas and inspiration to keep you moving in the forward direction, one baby step at a time! Add up all those baby steps in 30 days, and you get a GIGANTIC LEAP! Got a question, want to share an aha, or celebrate a victory? All you need to do is hit “reply” – I personally receive & read all of my own email!
  • Having a rough day? Need a little extra tlc? Get text message access to me!
    Unheard of, but you are that important! Using a special smartphone app, you will be invited to connect with me for those moments when you need a little extra support!
  • An invitation to join the special SECRET hidden Facebook group
    This special secret hidden Facebook group is for everyone in the program – for life! The group won’t end after 30 days – you can continue to connect and support each other long after this summer program is over!
  • A one-on-one PRIVATE personal 10 minute Check-In Call with Cathy
    As I’ve said over and over again, accountability is a critical part of success! In this program, not only will you have the 20 minute JUMP-START call and a DAILY email from me for accountability, but you will receive an additional 10 minute check-in call after your 1/2 way point! I know the MOST IMPORTANT thing that created my success was support – so I’m making myself accessible to you.

white pantsAre You Ready to Join Me And Get Your White Pants On?

Make this YOUR year with vibrate health and wellness!! And get out those cute shorts, bathing suits and YES, the white pants?

YES Cathy,
I’m ready to JUMP-START my health!
I’m excited to get started
and reach beach ready success!

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