30 Days of Business Success Tips

Are you a business owner? An entrepreneur? The CEO?

Then it’s time! Time to strategize, plan and execute for success in your business!!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20+ years! I’ve owned and sold 2 magazines. I’ve started and run a non-profit. I’ve trained, coached, mentored and taught 100’s of entrepreneurs how to up level their business! And now I’m making it super easy for you to up level yours –  to REACH and EXCEED your goals!

What do you need to do?

Commitment Level To Maximum Conceptual MeterCOMMIT!!

Yes, commit! Commit is to pledge to oneself, to bind or obligate, to entrust. Are you willing to do that for yourself??

Committing to your success is the first step! It’s doing what it takes, facing the obstacles head-on and moving forward every single day! If you are ready to commit to the next 30 days, I’m going to provide you behind the scenes access to how I created a successful 6 figure business – and you can too!



The newest Your Daily Yes module!

Your Daily Yes: 30 Days of Business Success Tips!

yes-i-can-biz-3d-coverLaunching or growing a business takes work. It takes dedication, resilience and commitment! And that’s what this program is all about! It’s about creating the DAILY habit of SUCCESS – with tips, tools, resources and even one-on-one coaching and group support!

This 30 day program provides you with a one-on-one coaching call with me – to get really clear on your business goals. And then we will map out the steps – what you need to do to get there! Once you have your blueprint, it’s time to work it, daily! And by incorporating the strategies, tools and success tips in your daily work life, you’ll be celebrating your success come December 31st!

Listen in from a fabulous resort in Palm Springs, CA! Because of the tips, tools and resources I’m going to share with you, I was able to step away from my office during the week to grab some R&R&R – rest, relaxation and rejuvenation! Which by the way, also opened up my creativity in business ideas!!

You’re Invited to Join Me for…
Your Daily YES: 30 Days of Business Success Tips
I’ve created the plan JUST FOR YOU!

Here is everything you will get….

  • A one-on-one PRIVATE personal 30 minute KICK-START CALL with Cathy!
    We are going to create your personal business blueprint! No more excuses – we’re going to map it out together – a daily action plan & calendar for the next 30 days to support you in reaching your year-end goals!
  • A Special Newly Created Workbook and Journal
    I have created a brand new workbook/journal. In it, you’ll find exercises to help you discover and plan your YES business goals. There is a weekly action plan – with BIG ideas and BOLD actions! PLUS daily journal prompts to help you stay positive and success-minded!
  • A DAILY action plan email video from me directly into your inbox!
    Yes, you read that right! You will receive an email from me every day for 30 days with tips, ideas and inspiration to keep you moving in the forward direction, one baby step at a time! Add up all those baby steps in 30 days, and you get a GIGANTIC LEAP! Got a question, want to share an aha, or celebrate a victory? All you need to do is hit “reply” – I personally receive & read all of my own email!
  • Having a rough day? Need a little extra tlc? Get text message access to me!
    Unheard of, but you are that important! Using a special smartphone app, you will be invited to connect with me for those moments when you need a little extra support!
  • An invitation to join the special SECRET hidden Facebook group
    This special secret hidden Facebook group is for everyone in the program – for life! The group won’t end after 30 days – you can continue to connect and support each other long after this summer program is over!

april-2015-quickie-picAre You Ready to Join Me and Live Your YES?

YES Cathy, It’s Time!
I’m ready to KICK-START my business into high gear and reach my YES goals!

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